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Holistic Financial Planning

Client Centered

At Equanimity we do it differently. We are focused on healing and progress. Many clients come to us with questions they think make them sound dumb, but there is no shame when working with us. We are unbiased and objective. We help clients by providing a new perspective and a clean slate to move forward from.

Our commitment to holistic advice means all relationships start with a Financial Plan.

We subscribe to the mantra of "No Prescription before Diagnosis", meaning, we will not advise you on something without knowing the full picture. Our clients continue planning with us because carefully measuring progress requires up-to-date information.  

What You Need to Get Started

Document checklist & Risk Tolerance

All plans require a specific set of documents and an analysis of your risk capacity. Click HERE to download a fillable version of the Document Checklist and Risk Tolerance questionnaire/

Couples Data Booklet

For couples, data-gathering should be completed together. Click HERE to download a fillable version of the  couple's data-gathering booklet.  

Individual  Data Booklet

Individuals must complete the data-gathering booklet to outline your needs and wants. Click HEREto download a fillable version of the data-gathering booklet.