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Who We Are

"Know the power of women in leadership. She makes a difference"

                                                                                            -Inscription on the Fearless Girl statue

Empowered with Equanimity

Empowered with Equanimity

We do things differently, because we are different. Our primary one focus is on healing and progress. You will not only see the difference, you will feel it. Time-tested and dedicated, you can count on us. 

Carrie Waters Schmidt, MS, CFP® CDFA®2, AWMA®, ADPA®, CSRIC™

Financial Planner



Carrie began her time with Lincoln Financial Advisors in 2004. She whole-heartedly believes in the financial planning process and how it can take clients from good to great. She has built her practice similar to a physician’s in...

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Dannea Williams Bell

Executive Assistant


Dannea Williams Bell has been with Equanimity Wealth and Investing since 2018. She came from the banking industry and is knowledgeable in loans and credit ratings. As an Executive Assistant for Carrie Waters Schmidt, Dannea is...

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Terri Buechner

Director of Financial Planning



Terri has been involved in the finance industry since 1982, first working in a bank where she helped clients with annuities and other investment vehicles and then later as an assistant to a financial planner, where she specialized in...

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