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About Us - Why We're Different

Equanimity Wealth Planning and Investing began as a response to those who needed us the most. Our founder, Carrie Waters Schmidt, began her career in 2004 as a Financial Planner in Madison, WI fully recognizing she was entering into a male-dominated profession. But the reason she chose this line of work was stronger than her fear. We've made a conscious choice to not work with clients who are just looking to “get rich” or “richer” for no reason. Instead we serve a much bigger purpose. 

Our specialties and areas of focus did not come all at once in the beginning, it all came organically. When Carrie first started in the industry she came in under the wing of a seasoned planner who had been working with Socially Responsible investments since the 1980s. Prior to this she had no idea it was possible to invest with such parameters. Once it was known she engrossed herself in that area of investing and found many of her clients felt the same need to invest that way. Hence, the specialty in working with ESG or Socially Responsible Investment portfolios. Carrie's since undergone formal training and earned the Chartered SRI Counselor designation (or CSRICTM). As a self-proclaimed “greenie” and she personally gets fired up about the environment, but investing with social screens can be very different. It’s whatever you’re most passionate about. Maybe you first and foremost want to promote diversity in leadership positions within companies. You can do this by investing in portfolios that include companies that have diversity on their Board of Directors, or their CEO, VPs, or other positions of power are held by women, people of color, or someone from the LGBTQ+ community. Or maybe you’re more concerned up about omitting certain companies like gun manufacturers, oil, tobacco, or alcohol companies. Or furthering your commitment to a healthier, safer world? That’s what this type of investing can do. It’s social justice wrapped in an investment package. Click HERE to go to our page on Socially Responsible Investing to learn more.

Moving on to a few years later, while in graduate school for Financial Planning, Carrie realized the extra hurdles gay and lesbian couples had to undergo just to be able to have the same rights as straight couples. It maddened her to the point where she chose that topic as her capstone project, and shortly after graduation in 2010 she earned the Accredited Domestic Partner Advisor (or, ADPA®) designation to better serve the LGBTQ+ community. Since then, marriage equality has been legalized, and there are less differences than there are similarities now. But let’s not fool ourselves, there are still disparities.

LGBTQ+ financial planning is specialized. There are still circumstances out there that can make it harder for this community to feel comfortable with financial planning. First and foremost we provide a safe place for all clients to be who they are, and our offices are safe-havens where there are no dumb questions, or unwarranted concerns. We are our client’s number one cheerleader. They can always count on us being both their Ally (with a capital A) and their advocate. Click HERE to go to our LGBTQ+ Financial Planning page to learn more.

As time passed many of Carrie's clients where ending their marriage in divorce and many recent divorcees were being referred to her for planning their lives post-divorce as a single person. There are so many rules that come into play when working with divided assets that it really is important to work with someone who is familiar with them. As a result Carrie earned the CDFA®* designation (short for Certified Divorce Financial Analyst), not because she wants to do that type of planning (that's actually a type of planning done during the divorce process where the financial professional calculates valuations of all the couple’s assets in order to provide asset division scenarios for the divorcing couple to choose from). Instead, she advises clients on how to move forward with savings, investments, and helps manage expectations for retirement and other goal achievement. She knows the rules and laws around retirement plans, investment and property taxation, Social Security benefits, and asset transfer rules so we put utilize them to their full advantage to develop a plan and then we stress-test it. Go HERE to learn more about Financial Planning for recent Divorcees. 

In 2018 Carrie joined a a non-profit Board for group that works with Autistic individuals helping them downregulate their nervous systems through a specific series of yoga poses. Throughout the years being on their Board she met many families with special needs or disabled children who were in desperate need of answers. Families with questions like, "how can family members leave money to my child without pushing them off state and federal aid?" Or, "how much is enough to leave my child in order to make sure they’ll be properly cared for after I’m gone?" Or, even just as basic as finding ways to take care of themselves, the caretaker, and their future when there’s often very little time or resources left for them. We’ve not found these families to be unwilling to plan for their future, instead it's more so that there are just too many competing demands on them to get there. Click HERE to learn more about Special Needs Financial Planning.

*Not practicing Divorce Planning on behalf of Lincoln Financial Advisors

Our Mission

We provide our clients a comprehensive view of their finances and give clear guidance through the complex financial environment as it pertains to tax, law, and investing. Recognizing and appreciating that all clients are unique and come with different needs and questions, we tailor advice specifically to the client without blanketing or over generalizing.

Our Core Values

Honesty & Integrity

We strive to provide objective, unbiased advice 100% of the time. We work in the client’s best interest- ALWAYS.

Respect and Tolerance

We treat everyone with respect, undivided attention and an open heart. There is no judgement passed in our office as we understand everyone comes from a different place. We are here to help you no matter where you are in your journey.


We encourage each other to achieve optimum financial, spiritual, and physical health by recognizing our own strengths and limitations and honoring them.


There is nothing good that comes from fear or negativity. Instead, we help take you from the bottom back up to the top.


We strive to approach the client with answers before they contact us with the question.


A diagnosis is always made prior to the prescription. And the only way a prescription can be recommend is by analyzing every aspect of our client’s lives to ensure our recommendations are in their best interest.

Family, Spirituality & Health

Our families mean the most to us, and we see our clients and their families as our own. We encourage each other to achieve optimum financial, spiritual, and physical health by recognizing our own strengths and limitations and honoring them.