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Our Process

<strong>Why Consider Us</strong>

Why Consider Us

At Equanimity we do it differently. We are focused on healing and progress. Many clients come to us with questions they think make them sound dumb, but there is no shame when working with us. We are unbiased and objective. We help clients by providing a new perspective and a clean slate to move forward from.

We work with our hearts just as much as we work with our minds.

We start by looking at things from a big-picture perspective. We work alongside CPAs and attorneys and help co-ordinate and design the whole portrait of our clients’ financial life. In doing so, we have been able to see many clients reach their financial goals as well as help save them from making serious mistakes.

We are qualified and ready to help you. Together we will design a path to help you navigate toward your specific goals. Whatever it is that you see as important, we want to help you achieve that.

Who works with us

  • Professionals with complex situations
  • Goal-oriented individuals with a vision
  • High income earners
  • Forward-looking planners
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Recent divorcees
  • Socially Conscious Investors
  • Families with Special Needs

Our expertise

Why clients partner with us

  • Our commitment to holistic advice always starts with a financial plan. We take what may seem as overwhelming and make it into an organized plan that guides you through your life's journey. 
  • Clients renew their plans annually to ensure success. It's how we know we are on the right path- it's like your financial GPS.
  • After the plan is made we go through it with you, bit by bit, over several meetings, and see the project through to completion. We make sure things get done.

We don't force circles into squares. We make sure your puzzle pieces fit correctly, every time.

Why clients stay with us

  • Once you start working with us you are part of our family, and we treat you that way.
  • We hold clients responsible for their futures, yet we take the burden of remembering the steps so you don't have to. We are proactive- we give you an answer before you even had the question. We communicate, often and clearly.
  • We give back to those we care about, to the community and to those less fortunate. We will always have your back, and will find ways to support you even outside of our working relationship.

You will not only see the difference, you will feel it.

Our Process

This description of services is provided for informational purposes only. The specific services to be provided to each client are negotiated with each client and set forth in a written agreement with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation “LFA”. Clients should refer to their written agreement with LFA for definitive information regarding the services they are entitled to receive. For additional information on services and fees, clients should also review LFA’s Form CRS, Regulation Best Interest Disclosure Document (for commission-based brokerage clients), and applicable Forms ADV Part 2A (for advisory clients), which are available at under My accounts—Disclosures. 

The next steps

A relationship with us begins, and thrives, on up-to-date information so we can continually advise our clients using accurate figures, which result in appropriate answers. We subscribe to the mantra of "No Prescription before Diagnosis", meaning, we will not advise you on something without knowing the full picture, as that could lead to a solution for a symptom rather than the cause.

Below are the documents you will need to get started on the Financial Planning track. All plans require the same support documentation which is outlined in the Document Checklist. Additionally the appropriate Data Gathering Booklet will need to be completed.

Once the plan is drafted and delivered we start going through it bit by bit, implementing the changes according to priority. The contract covers a year's time, though many clients only need a few months to complete the process. 

<strong>Our Specialties</strong>

Our Specialties

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals. No two clients are approached the same. Learn more about our specialties by clicking one of the links below.

ESG/SRI (Environmental-Social-Governance) Investing

Planning for LGBTQ+ Community

Financial Planning for Going Through Divorce/Recently Divorced

Special Needs Financial Planning

<strong>Our History</strong>

Our History

Since 2004 we have devoted our work to helping guide you through your life transitions.

Learn more by about us by clicking here

Our Mission and Core Values

We provide our clients a comprehensive view of their finances and give clear guidance through the complex financial environment as it pertains investing. We will work with your attorney and/or accountant for legal and tax matters,  Recognizing and appreciating that all clients are unique and come with different needs and questions, we tailor advice specifically to the client without blanketing or over generalizing.

Honesty & Integrity  We strive to provide objective, unbiased advice 100% of the time. We work in the client’s best interest- ALWAYS.

Respect and Tolerance  We treat everyone with respect, undivided attention and an open heart. There is no judgement passed in our office as we understand everyone comes from a different place. We are here to help you no matter where you are in your journey.

Empowerment  We encourage each other to achieve optimum financial, spiritual, and physical health by recognizing our own strengths and limitations and honoring them.

Optimism  There is nothing good that comes from fear or negativity. Instead, we help take you from the bottom back up to the top.

Proactive  We strive to approach the client with answers before they contact us with the question.

Comprehensive  A diagnosis is always made prior to the prescription. And the only way a prescription can be recommend is by analyzing every aspect of our client’s lives to ensure our recommendations are in their best interest.

Family, Spirituality & Health  Our families mean the most to us, and we see our clients and their families as our own. We encourage each other to achieve optimum financial, spiritual, and physical health by recognizing our own strengths and limitations and honoring them.

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