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Who We Are

<b>Who We Are</b>

Equanimity Wealth Planning and Investing was founded by Carrie Waters Schmidt, a financial planner who is dedicated to giving a voice of reason and expertise to those who need it most.

Equanimity means mental calmness, composure and evenness in temper, especially in difficult situations. That is what we strive to be- your link to levelheadedness when the market may be spinning around you.

At Equanimity we do it differently. We are focused on healing and progress. Many clients come to us with questions they think make them sound dumb, but there is no shame when working with us. We are unbiased and objective. We help clients by providing a new perspective and a clean slate to move forward from.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their finances and give clear guidance through the complex financial environment as it pertains to tax, law, and investing. Recognizing and appreciating that all clients are unique and come with different needs and questions, we tailor advice specifically to the client without blanketing or over generalizing.

Since 2004 Equanimity Wealth Planning and Investing has been providing investment services to professionals with complex situations, high income earners and who are goal-oriented forward-looking planners. We specialize in working with investors interested in investing with their conscience, financial planning for those of the LGBTQ+ community and those who are going through divorce.  

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Watch and Learn- Estate and Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs

Watch a recording of Estate and Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs presented by Family Support and Resource Center, Carrie Waters Schmidt and Attorney Dera Johnsen-Tracy. This presentation covers:

  • Why it is important to have a Will
  • What happens when your Special Needs child turns 18
  • What a Special Needs Trust is
  • What a 529ABLE is
  • Considerations in terms of Guardianship
  • What else should be on your radar


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