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Support Neurodiversity through Investments!

Support Neurodiversity through Investments!

November 05, 2021

Did you know you can invest in neurodiversity? Well, you can! There is a Neurodiversity Index that only includes companies that meet 8 of the following criteria:

1) The company is dedicated to advancing Neurodivergent leadership

2) The company stands behind their beliefs by putting money, time and resources into building official programs to hire and retain their Neurodivergent workers and advocate for others

3) They are accountable and have sound financial data showing profit and business viability

4) They produce tools and/or products specifically for Neurodivergent users

5) They are committed to diversity

6) The company has blanket initiatives that raise awareness and share support for the neurodiversity movement

7) The company has ownership in the process in that they hire Neurodivergent coaches and consultants to help design their processes, and

8) They are committed to a high standard of ethical treatment of workers by offering flexible work options, ethical pay and benefits, and the basic necessity of treating workers with respect and care.


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